Performance Squads – Regional and National

Performance Squads- National and Regional

This level of swimming performance is focused on top national and international standards. The focus of such squads will be training to win and swimming will be a lifestyle. Such squads are based at named centres throughout the country and each has its own entry requirements and standards. ESC coaches will be able to advise and to access this information when required. ESC swimmers are requested to respect the input to date, made to their development and progress, by keeping the ESC head coach updated with regard to the pathway being followed.

ESC will be delighted to support any swimmer qualifying for and participating in such squads. The type of support can include access to training when at home during breaks. This will be in consultation with the particular centres’ head coach.
Other means of support will be offered on an individual needs basis in consultation with the Performance Centre coach and ESC head coach.

Swimmers reaching Swim Ireland national / international performance standards may be directed to continue training at home until old enough to move to a full time centre. When this is the case training will be in consultation with the Swim Ireland director of high performance. This will be accommodated and supported by ESC.

Important Notes with Regard to Squad coach roles:
a. Coaches have the right to fast track athletes.
b. Squad coaches will decide what galas members will attend during the season.
c. Squad coaches will decide what events will be entered at galas. These will not always be the swimmers’ favorite or best events and will often be those that are relevant for a particular phase of training.
d. Coaches will pass on a signed entries list to the ESC gala secretary. A copy will be retained for future reference.
e. Coaches will monitor attendances regularly in consultation with the squad liaison person.
f. Coaches will follow the procedure outlined (see below) when follow up actions are required.
g. Performance Development and Participation Squad Coaches will use the Bradford Scoring system to highlight absences from training (see below). A score of 50 will begin implementation of the follow up procedures outlined below.
h. Coaches will evaluate each swimmers adherence to the stated criteria for each squad at the end of the season with a view to advising on suitability of that squad for the following season.
i. Coaches will advise with regard to the need for and suitability of training camps (home or away). Coaches will also outline the inclusion criteria for such events in liaison with the club committee, who will in turn ensure the ESC committee are updated with regard to plans and support required.

Follow Up Procedures

When follow up actions with regard to attitude, attendance or behavior are required the procedure will be as follows:

⦁ At the end of the each month of training the liaison person will communicate with the relevant squad coaches to discuss squad member attendances, attitude, behavior and any other issues. Follow up actions will be agreed.
⦁ The Liaison person will contact the swimmer and/ or parents if under 18 to discuss any identified issue and outline a corrective plan of action.
⦁ Thereafter, the particular swimmer will be monitored on a two weekly basis to ensure adherence to the agreed plan of action. Failure to adhere to the plan will be followed up by the liaison person with a second direct contact with the swimmer and / or parent if under18, to further discuss the particular issue. Consequences of ongoing failure to adhere to the agreed corrective plan of action will be outlined. This may include suspension of membership and transfer to another more suitable squad.
⦁ The swimmer will continue to be monitored on a two weekly basis. Failure to follow up on the corrective action agreed during step 3 above will be followed by a written warning to the swimmer and / or parent from the committee of ESC.
⦁ After a further two weeks of failure to adhere to agreed corrective actions the swimmer will be asked to leave the club.
⦁ Repeat failures to adhere to the particular squad criteria will be addressed.