Progression Squad  2019/2020

Padraic Cummins
Pamela McGrath
Squad Liaison
Jan Hillery
Chaperone Timetable
Progression Chaperone Timetable
Training Times
Monday 6.30 – 8am (Ennis)
Tuesday 6.30 – 8am (Ennis)
Wednesday 6.30 – 8am (Ennis)
Thursday 6.30 – 8am (Ennis)
Friday 6.30 – 8am (Ennis)
Friday 5.00 – 7pm (Ennis)
Saturday 1 – 2pm (Ennis)
Sessions allocated to swimmers by coaches
Upcoming Meets for the Progression Squad

All information related to each meet will be posted on the Meeting Calendar prior to each meet.