Immune function and infection reduction in athletes

To all regional squad Swimmers, Coaches, Parents

I hope everyone is keeping well and that you have established a routine to your day.  This provides a purpose, helps to keep you motivated and staying in control of your life.  We will be in touch early next week to set up some weekly online sessions if you would like to be involved.    

Please view links attached some information to support your immune health.  The second document provides some useful information on how to reduce your chances of picking up an infection and the first document references Nutrition for Immunity and mentions three supplements; namely:

  1. Vitamin D
  2. Colostrum
  3. Glutathione

Remember Swim Ireland promote a food first approach and recommend consulting with a Performance Nutritionist before using supplements.  Always assess the need, assess the risk and assess the consequences of using supplements and remember strict liability.  If you decide to source products please ensure the products are suitable for athletes and have a batch test certificate .

Orreco are an Irish Data Science and Sports Science company, who work with a range of professional teams and athletes across the NBA, Formula 1, the PGA Tour and the NHL. As such, they have put together some infographics relating to nutrition for immune function and best practice for avoiding infection. These have been put together with the help of some of the leading practitioners in performance and professional sport, and are attached for your attention.

Orreco – Nutrition for Immunity

Orreco – Avoiding Infection

In addition, on Friday 20th March, Orreco held a Q&A session with Prof. Richard Simpson and Dr. Nathan Lewis, where the spoke about athletes, immunity and COVID-19. The Q&A session is available on the below link (it is 60 minutes long, but is worth a listen, as there are plenty of useful nuggets on information in there).

I hope you find this information useful.