Dryland Training Tips and Advice

For our club members looking for inspiration during this unprecedented period we have put together some tips and training circuits that our swimmers should follow.
This section will be updated throughout the coming days and weeks with information and training circuits our club members should be following.

This following items are from a very positive post from Wayne Goldsmith in Australia in which he advises athletes about things that can be done while we are  grounded.

  1. Work on Mental Skills eg relaxation, imagery.
  2. Work on home based strength training. The circuits provided in this section will help here.
  3. Study clips re event technique and compare to what you currently do. eg rf last European / World championships.
  4. Work on flexibility – yoga, stretching etc. LS National squad members already have access to a very good programme.
  5. Research what the best in our sport do – swimming and lifesaving.
  6. Work on your nutrition. Learn how to make and cook healthy options.
  7. Clean, repair and replace your gear if need be. Be ready to go when we all start up again.
  8. Stay fit. Do stuff outdoors – run, walk, cycle etc.
  9. Look up and start an injury prevention programme.
  10. Start discussion groups with various topics eg How can we train better as a group? How can we build a better team ethos? How can we help each other achieve our sporting dreams? ETC One person can record the findings and share them with everyone at a later stage.
    ( rf Wayne GoldsmithCoaching)