Development 1

Development 1 

Rosemarie Perkins
Patrick O’Grady
Squad Liaison
Maeve Kilroy
Chaperone Timetable
Development 1 Chaperone Timetable
Training Times
Monday 6.30 – 8am (Ennis)
Tuesday 5.00 – 6.00pm (Ennis)
Wednesday 6.30 – 8am (Ennis)
Friday 5.00 – 7.00pm (Ennis)
Saturday 8.00 – 10.00am (Ennis)
Upcoming Meets for the Dev 1 Squad
18 – 20 Jan Gerry Ryan Invitational LC Meet – UL
16 Feb Munster LC Qualifying Meet – UL
15 – 16 Mar Ennis Invitational
6-7 Apr Munster LC Qualifying Meet – UL
12 May Munster Development 2 Meet – UL
15 June Munster Development 2 Meet – UL

All information related to each meet will be posted on the Meeting Calendar prior to each meet.

Munster Meets Guidelines 2018-2019

Membership: For those 11 to 14 yrs of age.
Primary focus: The development of swimming fitness, improved technique and learning how to train.
Galas: Age group galas only. Regional development and qualifier galas. Regional and national age group championships. Invitation al events if required.
Emphasis is on the further improvement of general and competitive aquatic skills within a structured club environment. Aquatic Aerobic development is started. Emphasis changes to demands of training but skill performance is maintained. Focus starts to be on performance swimming.
Swimmer Profile: Swimming is now one of their main first activities. They like training and competing. They are self motivated, honest and personally organized. They are willing to be team players.

Criteria for Development Squad Membership:
⦁ 11- 14yrs of age
⦁ Be able to commit to the demands of the development squad.
⦁ Development 1 Squad: 4 sessions per week. 6-8 hours approximately.
⦁ Season length – Mid September to mid June – 40 weeks approx.
⦁ Competitions – local, invitation, regional development, regional qualifier regional championship and national championship events (Div 1 and 2).
⦁ Extra sessions during school holidays will be required in addition to that stated.
⦁ Dry land training – 2 x sessions per week.
⦁ Squad members must attend the relevant galas.
⦁ Div 1 and Div 2 qualifiers may be asked to attend extra training camps – Club and Regional.
⦁ Some Long Course training will be organised in addition to above.
⦁ Must have achieved all RQ times.

Criteria for movement to the Performance Development squad:
⦁ Be identified for fast tracking by squad coaches.
⦁ Be 15 yrs of age or older.
⦁ Have fulfilled Development 2 squad commitment criteria.
⦁ Be prepared to make new required commitment levels.
⦁ Have a minimum of 90% attendance for previous year.
⦁ Have made QTs for and participated in National Div 1 or 2 during the previous season.
⦁ Have an excellent work ethic.
⦁ Be able to complete 4 x 200im @ 3:30 with good technique and legally. Some discretion by coaches will apply here.
⦁ Be able to complete 4×400 fc @ 6:30.